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Today Circuit Check has evolved into one of the largest totally integrated test solution providers with the largest engineering staff in the industry. We also have the broadest support infrastructure and the largest in-house drilling, machining, assembly, and verification capability in the industry. All of these resources support customized product lines to efficiently provide the highest quality solutions for all your test needs.

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Latest News

  • April 21

    Developing a High Channel Count FPGA Based EGSE Architecture Utilizing COTS Hardware

    The development of avionics platforms for space deployment at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is requiring an increased need for high-speed DIO, analog channels, auxiliary electronics, and high-rate data multiplexers in a single platform. As a result, the Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) necessary to support these avionics is also gaining in complexity. 

  • March 27

    Circuit Check’s Tight Proximity Probing Technology, takes the NanoVTEP technology to the next level in durability and reliability

    The Tight Proximity Probing Technology is all accomplished using standard 100 mil probes for sensor plate mounting as customarily used with VTEP Polarity Check sensors. Circuit Check’s tight proximity probing technology increases test coverage with probes located closer to the sensor plates while allowing a denser population of NanoVTEP sensors.

  • March 1

    The Versatility of Circuit Check's 1000 Series ATE

    Circuit Check's versatile 1000 Series ATE platform allows a customer to custom build a test system.  The 1000 Series uses a modular test rack architecture for ease of maintenance and redeployment as test system needs change.  


Our goal is to increase our customers shipped quality while decreasing overall test costs.

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